The Afternoon Dump: Auburn Is Sad, AFL No More, Celine Dion Showing Off, Davidson Is In For A Hurt, Hottest Girls Of Video Games, A Bad Act On National Television



Charlotte looks really good in the cowboy hat

Dang, did anyone watch that Purdue game last night? For some reason I can’t imagine any of the Ball State fans saying “Chirp Chirp” after losing by 30. Purdue is doing pretty good this season with their schedules, it may not look strong but it is good. We play Ball State, Valpo, Indiana State, Indiana,  and IPFW. Those are all schools within Indiana, which makes it more interesting. When games are played within the state it’s more likely fans will travel to them. Boiler Up!

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Afternoon Dump

Auburn students just want Tuberville, no one else [Friends of the Program]

I can see the family resemblance [Bad Jerseys]

Arena Football League is no more, well next year [Vent About Sports]

The new Red Sox logo is leaked [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

This has to be photoshoped but just imagine if it were true [Sports Crackle Pop]

Wow, $155,000 for a pair of golf clubs [Steady Burn]

Celine Dion is doing up skirt action now [Celebslam]

Purdue plays Davidson soon so here are 10 facts about Davidson’s star player [Co-Ed Magazine]

Would this girl satisfy you? [uncoached]

A funny headline for today [Tasty Booze]

Dang, look at her pants [on 205th]

The hottest females in video games, think about it [Salty Milk]

It would be pretty good if I was watching the news and saw this [Epic Carnival]

What does your perfect woman look like? [Brahsome]

Looks like Obama is in trouble [Holy Taco]

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