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Remember When 21,000 Drunken Chicagoans Attended NHL Games And Brawled?

Added: Dec. 6, 2008

Premise of Video: (via the vlogger) Chicago Stadium Brawl in Stands 1982 vs. Minnesota North Stars. This game had the largest crowd ever at Chicago Stadium, over 21,000 jammed in the barn. About :30 seconds into this clip you hear a big “roar” from the crowd players all stop and look up to see a big fight in the stands. Classic Chicago stadium footage including fully dressed Andy Frain men, and Orange Jacketed off duty Chicago Cops simply adding to the chaos, it truly was the “Madhouse” on Madison.

Climax of video: Stick with this one for the commentary from the broadcasting team. Nowdays we’d never even see such fighting or streaking. Back then they guys used it to trash talk the fans.

Conclusion: As ratings dwindle, could we see a return to such broadcast footage? One can only hope.

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