ESPN Legend Chris Berman’s Daughter Meredith Easy On The Eyes, Makes Internet Debut



Not so zoomy photo of Chris Berman’s daughter Meredith after jump.

All these years we pictured Chris Berman as a fat slob with pizza boxes all over his living room, empty beer cans overflowing the trash can and issues of Penthouse and Hustler being delivered monthly.

He always came across as a bachelor to us.

And then it happened.


Busted Coverage Photo Editor Big Gay Rich found photos of Berman and his lovely family. (Wiki says he has one.)

Did we mention the daughter?


All we know about Meredith Berman is that she was born in 1986. The son’s name is Doug for the ladies out there.

And that is Boomer’s wife Kathy.

Analyze away all you want.


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