15 UCLA Undie Run Photos To Prepare Freshmen For Tonight’s Drunken 2008 Fall Semester Bash



Um, the event calls for underwear, not 1980’s gym clothes.


After much debate and deliberation, one of America’s finest campus traditions just won’t die.

The infamous UCLA Undie Run will take place tonight with a few minor changes, reports the Daily Bruin.

We don’t have the time or patience to get into the changes. Just look for the barely clothed college kids and get nearly naked.

Students will no longer finish their brief, bare-skinned bolt in the fountain outside Royce Hall, members of the Undergraduate Students Association Council announced.

There you have it. Get in the fountain and risk imprisonment, getting kicked out of school, public scorn, etc.

In true Busted Coverage fashion, we are going to show freshman what it will take to make it onto this blog tomorrow morning.

Here are “15 UCLA Undie Run Photos To Prepare You For Tonight’s 2008 Fall Semester Bash.”

Big Gay Rich even slid in a few sock puppets for the ladies.


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