The Afternoon Dump: 10 Athletes Who Do Drugs, Lynne Spears Wants Fame, Gorgeous Woman, Miley Cyrus Wants Naughty Pics And Photographer Hits The Pavement





The advantages of global warming.

Yesterday and today have been a big hassle for me. My internet would just not work no matter what I did. PAL2.0 is the wireless network on Purdue and ResNet is in the dorms and neither one was working for me. I felt like a little kid being deprived of candy, people rely on the internet a lot now of days.

Hopefully I get Sirius radio for Christmas, thats what I am banking off of right now.

Email me links!

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Ten athletes that you may want to do something illegal with someday [Sports Crackle Pop]

It only took 5 months for the NFL to suspend this wide receiver [Vent About Sports]

Lynne Spears is trying to take all the credit of being a bad mom[Celebslam]

Now this Co-Ed is just gorgeous [Co-Ed Magazine]

The NFL lineup on TV is sucking now, oh and what about those hot chicks? [The Big Picture]

Jessica Biel is going to strip in her next movie [on 205th]

10 funny clips from Jim Carrey, just like old times [uncoached]

I bet you don’t want to be this pillow [Holy Taco]

Miley Cyrus wants to do ‘naughty’ pictures again [Epic Carnival]

Can you think of a good caption, “what are those?” [Double Viking]

The photographer bites the dust on this one [Next Round]

This guy likes this other guy way to much (could be NSFW) [Mr. Irrelevant]

Goal of the day [Machochip]

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