Daily Dump: Florida Panthers Ice Dancers Get Into Bikinis For Charity, Beast Mode Shirt, Columbia U. Penis Artists, 10 Worst Times To Jerk It & Pussycat Dolls In Rubber



The fight for the garland was intense and naked (NSFW Nuts U.K. link)

Many of you received emails last night to inform you about winning swag from our FREE SH!T FRIDAY contest.

If you don’t answer the email by Friday, the goods will be given to Big Gay Rich to trade for gay sex.

We’d like to thank our international readers for screwing us out of shipping costs. Sending goods to Asia wasn’t what we had in mind but screw it, anything to keep our visitors happy.

Just a few more Mondays of jerkoff Kornheiser. We’re beginning to think ESPN should blow up the entire MNF team. Tirico is becoming extremely boring.

Today’s Dump:

Florida Panthers ice dancers get into bikinis for a good cause, party [Live The News]

Beast Mode has an awesome shirt for the kids this Christmas [Legend Of Cecilio Guante]

KG could have done this to Big Baby & he would have really cried [Cuzoogle]

NBA teams get their pink slips out, Minny coach goes down [Rumors and Rants]

Having fun with the final BCS coaches poll [Simon On Sports]

Your Heisman winner via hot cheerleaders [Angry T]

Columbia U. students are real penis artists [College OTR]

Ronaldo has a new woman [Machochip]

It just won’t stop! Teacher-student sex scandals [NextRound]

10 worst times to jerk it [Uncoached]

Alf’s dad loves crack and butt crack [Holy Taco]

5 things you shouldn’t be able to buy on eBay [Cracked]

Today’s Tail:

Belt buckles and Mooseknuckles [Coed]

Sara Varone has a 2009 calendar you have to see [on205th]

German pop stars in their underwear for FHM [CamelTap]

Pussycat Dolls get into rubber outfits for concert [CelebSlam]

We’d stare at Marisa Miller, too [Don Chavez]

Katy Perry killed Christmas [Derober]

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