University Of North Florida Basketball Go-Go Dancers Put On Show For Santa, Sparse Crowd


We rarely dabble in Atlantic Sun basketball action – unless women are involved.

And thanks to a forward thinking cheerleader/dance team coach who knows how to dress her troops, the ladies of the University of North Florida are now welcomed into the sports blogosphere.

Just this weekend the UNF dancers took the floor of a barren college basketball court to shake it – in their go-go dancing outfits.

If the University of Idaho cheerleaders made you blush, wait until you see Osprey dancers pole dancing unis.



In case you are really confused or actually care about such things, the UNF coach explains why there are about 35 students shaking it for middle-aged men.

As separate dance and cheer teams in the past, both spirit squads are now coalesced into one exclusive and “collective” team: UNF VELOCITY!!

Sounds like downsizing to us.

And what’s up with this ‘exclusive’ label? Is there like a $49.99 membership we can pay for a DVD, calendar, etc.?

What we really want to know is if the team has had to get a restraining order against the video recording, sunglass wearing Santa?





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