Our Coach Can Eat Your Coach Shirt Entrepreneur On Kansas AD Lew Perkins : “He’s An Asshole”

Who woud have ever guessed that a shirt playing off the fact that Mark Mangino is fat and likes to eat could turn grown men into sworn enemies.

That is exactly what’s going down in Lawrence, Kansas where the maker of the “Our coach can eat your coach” shirt is embroiled in a copyright infringement controversy with the University of Kansas over that tee and others.

The Daily Kansan caught up with Larry Sinks and gave him the chance to set the record straight about KU AD Lew Perkins and the financial judgments against him.

“I hate the guy,” Sinks says. “He’s the only guy in the world that I hate. I don’t care what happens to that man, ever.”

The school contends Sinks is infringing on their licensing rights and has the guy and his company joe-college.com on the hook for $127,000.

But Sinks isn’t the only guy cashing in on Mangino being a huge fat ass who can chow.

Smack Apparel has the above option available for $17.99 with a disclaimer.

The Mangino shirt has spawned all sorts of competitors and must keep KU busy.

Even CafePress is in on the business.

We let Sinks have the final message via the Kansan on Perkins and the shirt saga.

“He’s an asshole,” Sinks says. “I wouldn’t wish what he’s done to me on anybody.”