Heidi Watney’s Stunning Looks Drop Toddler’s Jaw At Bowling Alley Sideline Reporting Gig


Speechless and wondering how Watney was snubbed by Playboy. [Credit]

It’s been a so-so offseason for Heidi Watney.

She was recently somehow left off Playboy’s Sexiest Sportscaster ballot while Lisa Guerrero made it. Go figure.

In better news, Watney resigned with a multi-year deal with NESN.

But even with her high profile and new contract that hasn’t stopped Watney from mingling with such lowlifes as bowlers.

These recent shots show her actually interviewing a toddler for what is probably off-season training in order to deal with over paid baseball players.

This kid has no idea how cool he’ll be in his preschool class.

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