Daily Dump: FREE SH!T FRIDAY, UK’s Erin Andrews, Michigan State WR’s Arrested At Alarming Rate, Drunk XXXmas Girls, Pussycat Dolls New Lingerie & ARod’s New Woman?



Know your UK Page 3 chicks : Kayleigh Pearson

Good job by the Raiders really getting up for a rivalry game.

It was 17-0 before we could slam a 23 oz. beer.

Hope you guys like FREE STUFF because it is going to be FREE SH!T FRIDAY AT BUSTED COVERAGE.

CDs, DVDs, Box Sets and even something for the ladies all have to go in time for Christmas.

Today’s Anthem : Postal Blowfish – Guided By Voices 

Today’s Dump:

UK’s Erin Andrews [With Leather]

NBA players who wouldn’t pass as Santa [Blaze of Love]

What NBA fans want for Christmas [Cuzoogle]

MSU now 2 for 2 in for former WR arrested this week [World of Isaac]

If Plaxico had a comic book [Holy Taco]

The last strange day of Plaxico Burress as Giant [Splog]

College basketball freshmen and Victoria’s Secret models [Angry T]

ARod already kicking Madonna to curb for Latin chick? [Machochip]

Elderly cancer patient wishes for newspaper sub., paper says pay up [Salty Milk]

Today’s Tail:

Drunk XXXmas girls perfect for one-night stand on break [Coed]

Pussycat Dolls release some new lingerie, going out clothes [LiveTheNews]

Penthouse getting away from hooker look, picks Lexi for Feb. [Uncoached]

Emily Scott’s eyes will grab your attention [on205th]

Heidi Montag goes for dip in Mexico, cameras are there [CelebSlam]

Just your a-typical Latin singer in some magazine [CamelTap]

Blow off a day off work looking at the ladies [DoubleViking]

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