New York Giants Girl Reby Sky Gets Job Talking Tampa Sports For Radio Station


 Your newest YouTube sports ‘reader,’ Reby Sky.

For further proof of the economic times we face just take a look at the case of Reby Sky, otherwise known around the sports blogosphere as New York Giants Girl.

Once known for her riveting interviews with Giants greats, Sky is now appearing on gripping YouTube videos for some Tampa Clear Channel rock station that likely plays too much Linkin Park and goes into the way back machine for Metallica two-for-Tuesdays.

And just as you expected, the quality is poor, the budget is non-existent and Reby is wearing way too many inches of clothing.

Made it through that mess? Have a beer on us some day.

In the first installment of Reby’s Fireside Chats we get regurgitation of Sean Avery’s comments, talk about Tampa football and some other garbage that we weren’t remotely interested in.

Midget MMA is much more interesting.

So this is the plight of such legends as Jenn Sterger and Ms. Sky. “How to make money in a down market for hot chicks who like to talk sports.”

Reby also added Lingerie Football League player this fall to her growing list of resume stuffers.

We’re guessing her portfolio is going crazy.

May we suggest she find an athlete and settle down in life as a WAG. It’ll pay better.

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