Missing Your State College Hooters Uniform? Cheerleader Outfit? Boulder Police Have Them



How a full Hooters uniform makes its way from State College, PA. to Boulder, Colorado is beyond us but one perv will go out of his way to make it happen.

He’ll also break into homes to steal cheerleader uniforms, bikinis and other garments that are now in the possession of Colorado authorities.

Wesley Cox, the man above with his stolen New Orleans Hooters uniform, is now accused of being a criminal freak.


Officers searched Cox’s apartment and recovered dozens of undergarments and clothing that investigators believe were likely taken from homes within about a 2-mile radius of his apartment at 1505 48th St. Investigators believe he broke into homes, stole the undergarments and then developed obsessions with the victims.

Even freakier is that the Boulder police are now trying to find those people who are missing these items.

A Web site has even been opened where you (and predators like Wesley Cox) can peruse the goods.

We can picture the people lining up right now to get their goods back after this guy did God knows what to those garments.


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