Daily Dump: WAG Imogen Thomas, German WAG, Sean Avery Sloppy Seconds WAGs, Hottest Sloppy Seconds WAGs, Adriana Lima Is A Crazy WAG & 19-Year-Old In Esquire




WAG day not complete without Imogen Thomas.

Sorry for the light Dump this morning. 

We were in Detroit last night for the Michigan State debacle. Um, yeah, it was that bad in person, too. As was mentioned in the crowd, it was a NBA team vs. a good Big Ten squad.

The good news for Michigan State fans : beer was served during a college basketball game and the students took full advantage of the situation. 

The bad : $8.50 drafts.

Now for your WAG-filled Daily Dump.

Today’s Dump:

The battle of NY : Flight Crew vs. Knicks City Dancers [Uncoached]

Priorities: German soccer star gets suspended to attend WAGs birthday [Dirty Tackle]

The hottest of Sean Avery’s sloppy seconds [Angry T]

The hottest sloppy second WAGs [World of Isaac]

Power ranking the Victoria’s Secret models [Gunaxin]

Adriana Lima can’t possibly go through with it, right? [Rumors and Rants]

Better ways to spend Charlie Weis’s buyout money [Bad Jerseys]

Flowchart to losing your virginity [Holy Taco]

Today’s Tail: 

Maryna will wake your ass up after a night of boozing [Coed]

Isla Fisher is a redhead in FHM Australia [CamelTap]

The hottest 19-year-old Esquire cover model we’ve ever seen [on205th]

Douche Joe Francis enjoying his freedom [CelebSlam]

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