The Afternoon Dump: Sloppy Seconds, Britney Spears Is Getting Older, Tennis Star Goes Nude, Thanksgiving Brawl, Jessica Alba’s New Calendar, Rod Stewart’s Big Wife


Look, it’s Miss Freedom Grill 2009.

Purdue has been played horrible last night, enough said. Still competition in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge as the record is 3-3 out of 11 games. The Big Ten has a chance this year, they just need 3 more games. Lets go Big Ten. Dick Vitale is very one sided and I hated listening to him last night when watching the Purdue game, I also have to listen to him tonight when he does the Michigan State-North Carolina game. Lets go MSU, Vitale be quiet.

Sorry for the lateness of the post, I have been really busy with exams and speeches this week.


Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

You can get suspended for saying sloppy seconds in the NHL, watch out [Salty Milk]

Britney Spears is now 27, wow that was quick [Celebslam]

The former tennis star is now posing nude [on 205th]

Which Patrick Swayze role is the best and most bad a$$ [Co-Ed Magazine]

Who has the hottest wife of the coaches? [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Watch out! If it’s Thanksgiving make sure you don’t stop to check you tires [Tasty Booze]

Wow, look at the last picture on this post, hard to see an animal do that [uncoached]

This is what Corona commercials really look like, well behind the scenes or to the right of it [Holy Taco]

A sneak peak of Jessica Alba in her new calendar  [Brahsome]

Search the term Bankruptcy on Ebay, see what you get [Steady Burn]

Case #5 looking real good [Next Round]

50 cent knows everything about the stock market [Epic Carnival]

Rod Stewart has one big wife (ads NSFW) [Drunken Stepfather]

At least is simple for him [Mr. Irrelevant]

I might be able to do this shot, even though I don’t play [Machochip]