Southern University Band Hazing Includes 2-By-4 Swinging French Horn Players


SU’s Harvey Harrison with a french horn.

Say hello to Double H.

Harvey Harrison of Southern University.

A member of the marching band and now a college student facing serious charges in a beating initiation of freshman members of the SU band’s french horn section known as the “Mellow Phi Fellow.”

In all six band member are in custody.

“As part of the initiation ritual, the three subjects were blindfolded and told to remove their shirts,” according to the arrest reports. “They then had water splashed on them as senior members struck them numerous time with open hands.

There was also a 2X4 board introduced to the victims.

As any good blog would do, we went looking for these (alleged) idiots – and found Harvey via MySpace. His buddy Carlo-Andres Carter was located, too, but is a pretty boring band geek.


Harvey appears to be your typical college student. Plenty of photos titled ‘nigga.’ Pictures at Hooters. Out with his boys.

But we are perplexed with the whole 2X4 swinging french horn player.

Double H doesn’t seems to be the thug type.


Our first impression was Chris Tucker, not Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

But police have a different impression of Double H and his cohorts.

The two hospitalized freshman band members on Tuesday were in intensive care and facing possible organ failure at Baton Rouge General Medical Center in Mid City, Adams said.


Harrison during better days.

[Double H @ MySpace]