Daily Dump: John Lennon Of Sports Blogs Speaks, Cheer For Mrs. Lane Kiffin, Sean Avery Thinks Sloppy Seconds Is Funny & Victoria’s Secret Model Does Nude Sunbathing



Marisa Miller and ladies were in NYC yesterday and somehow avoided Jimmy Traina. 

Congrats to those Purdue fans who were paying $500 for tickets to last night’s thumping from Duke.

Hope your kids enjoy Goodwill Hot Wheels for Christmas.

Look, we’re all for spending good coin for a once in a lifetime game, but this is still December. Save your money for a NCAA Tournament trip. Five large for 2 hours isn’t even a good deal at the Bunny Ranch.

See, we’re smart. We’ll be catching the actual #1 team in the land tonight at Ford Field. Isaac at The World of went and secured two $19 ducats to see the Spartans vs. Tar Heels at Ford Field.

Slumming it in downtown Detroit is on the menu. If you don’t hear from us tomorrow, it all came to an end on a dark street in Greektown.

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