Arizona Vs. Arizona State Ladies The Real Battle In The Desert

Yes, the announcer guy was probably not necessary.

Who really cares about this weekend’s Arizona vs. Arizona State football game besides The Hoff, Matt Leinart and a few Pac-10 geeks with spiked hair and a t-shirt with a crazy graphic in the upper left corner.

The real issue between these two schools comes down to the ladies and our friend David Freedman, the knower of all things female and Arizona, at Tempe12 wanted you to see his newest video and some pictures of the ladies from each school.

Yes, the following ladies are students (of something).

Debate amongst yourself.

Ariana – Arizona State

ariana_1.jpeg ariana_2.jpeg ariana_3.jpeg ariana_4.jpeg



Chrissy – Arizona


chrissy_2.jpeg chrissy_3.jpeg chrissy_4.jpeg

Courtney – Arizona State

courtney_1.jpeg courtney_2.jpeg courtney_4.jpeg courtney_3.jpeg

And finally, Kara from Arizona


kara_4.jpeg kara_3.jpeg kara_2.jpeg

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