The Afternoon Dump: Beer Opening Wedding Ring, 40 hotties over 40, Starter Jackets are back, Boise State Goes To BCS Game, 130000 Breast Missing, Redneck Car Gallery.

Depends how you look at it. 4 vs. 9 or 4 vs. 10.

So guess what tonight is? Thats right, it’s Purdue Basketball time. Purdue plays Duke in basketball here at Mackey Arena. People have been camping outside since Monday at Noon, may not seem like a long time but the Police restrict anyone from camping out any earlier. It should be a good one. Its the Big Ten/ACC Challenge, I feel more confident this year then I did last year in the Big Ten. Let’s see what happens.

Some of you guys got better emailing me your links, but keep them coming. It’s free advertising.


Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Now you can open your beer with a wedding ring [Tailgating Ideas]

40 hotties that are over the age of 40, some nice ones here [Gunaxin]

So what really is the secret weapon? [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Starter Jackets use to be the in thing, weird how they aren’t anymore [Steady Burn]

Boise State has been remarkable the last few seasons, let them go to a BCS game [The Big Picture]

Now Hugh can still be a big player, look at him here [Celebslam]

The dogs that would kill themselves if possible after being in these horrible outfits [Co-Ed Magazine]

Victoria Secret Models need to even out their tan somehow (NSFW) [on 205th]

Hold the presses, 130,000 inflatable breast are missing now [Salty Milk]

“Did someone move the table on that?” [Tasty Booze]

Hmmm, who is Matt Adler? [uncoached]

Of course there is such a thing as redneck cars [Holy Taco]

Nothing wrong with being emotional at a library [Next Round]

The nuggets have something worth looking at [Epic Carnival]

When you don’t like her cooking, then just cook her, wait that doesn’t sound right [Brahsome]

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