Daily Dump: Michael Phelps New Girlfriend, Bathing With Cavs Dancer, Plaxico’s E-Card, NFL Cheerleader Leg Kicks & NBA Dancer Holiday Outfits



Nikki modeling new feather top mattress. 

What a great Monday Night game.

Jags-Texans. That kept us up all night. The halftime interview with Rosenhaus was fun. He wouldn’t answer a single question about guns and clients.

Plax taking the perp walk was great. His stupid ass spending 3.5 years in prison sounds even better.

The plan this week is to take in Wednesday night’s Michigan State-North Carolina epic battle, but what’s up with the 9:15 p.m. tip? 

Looks like we’ll be struggling Thursday morning. 

Today’s Dump:

Go bubble bathing with a Cavs dancer [Don Chavez]

We’re actually not that impressed with Michael Phelps’ woman [Machochip]

Dayton’s Chris Wright has this for Marquette defender [Sports Crackle Pop]

Notre Dame’s goofy, cross-eyed rebounding machine [Rumors&Rants]

Plaxico sends self an e-card [World of Isaac]

9 great cheerleader leg kicks [NFL Juice]

While we’re at it, NBA dancer holiday outfits [Blaze of Love]

6 most inappropriate porn character occupations [Cracked]

Santa’s Gmail account [Holy Taco]

12 worst mall santas [NextRound]

10 signs you are really lonely, need friends [Banned in Hollywood]

Pour a beer via iPhone [Tasty Booze]

Today’s Tail:

Ladies of Christmas that won’t be kissing your slob ass [Coed]

Jessica Biel goes for walk with dog, Timberlake [CelebSlam]

Miranda Kerr possibly back on market, single men gasp [Salty Milk]

Kim Cloutier? We’ve never heard of sexy beast [on205th]

Odette goes to the car wash for Rolling Stone [CamelTap]

Forget it, no coaching this chick [Uncoached]

Used schoolgirl panties market erupts in Japan [AfroJacks]

Trish Stratus hits up some awards show, looks classy (NSFW Ads) [DirtyRotten]

The Afternoon Dump: Weird Names For Roller Derby, A Dumb Ramp Job, Some Interesting Pictures, Mrs. Sexy Clause Oh Yeah, Allison Stokke Wins By A Landslide.
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