The Afternoon Dump: Weird Names For Roller Derby, A Dumb Ramp Job, Some Interesting Pictures, Mrs. Sexy Clause Oh Yeah, Allison Stokke Wins By A Landslide.

This Coed seems fit for this weekend.

Crazy things happened this weekend. First Purdue loses in overtime to Oklahoma (I believe a very biased game) then the Colts won their game because of their defense. Yeah, their defense, I didn’t say it wrong.
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Afternoon Dump
This is one interesting name for a woman in the Roller Derby League [Steady Burn]
This video made me laugh hardcore, what an idiot [Next Round]
Child award ceremony seems to be having some clothing difficulties [Celebslam]
Some funny moments, kind of makes you think “oh Sh!t” [uncoached]
It’s time for Mrs. Sexy Clause [Holy Taco]
You never know when you will need to go duck hunting [Tasty Booze]
Would you want to be on a race team? [Salty Milk]
The winner: Allison Stokke [The Big Picture]
Some winners and losers [Mr. Irrelevant]
Alex Rodriguez is just in love with Madonna [Epic Carnival]
Paris Hilton isn’t look oh so fine today, haha [Celebridiot]
Lindsay Lohan looks like she lost some more weight (Ads NSFW) [Drunken Stepfather]
Wes Welker gets knocked out, hardcore [Bright Black Internet]

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