Daily Dump: WAG Christmas Calendar, Wes Welker Jacked Up, OSU GameDay Sign Greatness, Girls Of Football Rivalries & Holly Valance Does FHM




Translation, please.

We hope everyone had a great 4-day gorging.

The big news around here is that the 64-blogger tournament participants will be announced later tonight. Today was the cutoff to position yourself for a beating at the hands of Deadspin or Hot Clicks.

To the 65th ranked blog, sorry, you won’t be getting the free traffic.

Today’s Dump:

The 25 days of WAGs Christmas countdown calendar [The Spoiler]

Yeah, Wes Welker is going to feel this one today [BallHype]

Oklahoma State brings it with GameDay signs, Stoops a target [CollegeGameBalls]

Saturday in review via screenshots [TV Tan Line]

Blog headline of the weekend from UO-OSU game [FanIQ]

The girls of college football’s biggest rivalries [Coed]

The hot women of G4 Attack of the Show – all two of them [Gunaxin]

Cock soup mix – .69¢ [Holy Taco]

College classes that actually exist [Uncoached]

Blogger infatuated with Megan Fox’s boots, wordless [Madden Cowboy]

Blogger claims to be friends with Lupe, we’re calling bullshit [Phil Knows Best]

Get back to wasting company time, check out Fernanda [CelebSlam]

Holly Valance does FHM [CamelTap]

We’re not positive but those look like implants [Salty Milk]

Just your typical MySpace chick with something to show (NSFW Ads) [Dirty Rotten]

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