BREAKING! Jenn Sterger Celebrates 25th Birthday, Finds TWO Gray Hairs!

Guys, it’s official, Jenn Sterger is getting old.
Just this weekend she turned 25 which puts her half way to Cougar status….and, according to a Sterger report, there was a gray hair sighting.
We’re older than Sterger, work longer hours, are under constant stress with this blog gig and haven’t yet popped a gray.
How sad for the former Florida State Cowgirl and current director of on-field operations for the NY Jets.
It was a terrible weekend for Ms. Sterger but nothing hair coloring wouldn’t take care of.

The moment the truth set in, according to Jenn.

As I looked into the mirror at my one year older self, I realized I was staring gravity in the face. What were these lines underneath my eyes? Why did my ass suddenly seem to belong in a sir mix a lot video? And what the @$! are THOSE??????????..
There they were, like a tombstone marking the end of my youth, two grey hairs. There is absolutely no frickin way this was happening to me. Surely, I had to just be going blonde.

Does this spell the end for Sterger or is it just time to start coloring and reinvent herself?
Can her career overcome the gray discovery?
Will the Cowgirls hold a Jenn Sterger day in rememberence of her glory days?
Can Florida State now retire her chest exposing Cowgirls shirt?
So how did Sterger handle this disturbing gray conundrum?

I guess I could just leave them there. But then, what would all the guys say?.. I like older women??.. You have the same color hair as my grandmother??.. Yeah, total game killer. These babies HAD to go.
One box of chocolate brown hair color, and a super long shower later, I emerged a newer, bolder, and certainly younger looking version of myself.


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