9 Greatest Stadium Sex Moments Of 21st Century

Playing ‘I’ve got your stadium dog right here’ game

In less than one month a new cottage sex industry has been born – stadium eroticism.

All it took was one woman who cheated on her husband while the Iowa Hawkeyes were stomping Minnesota. Suddenly Lois Feldman is the hippest Cougar in America.

She gets tanked and doesn’t mind taking her 26-year-old stallion to a handicapped stall for a romp that has made her an instant star.

But this isn’t the first time this century where couples have become infamous for ‘doing it’ at a stadium.

In fact, Busted Coverage researchers worked all weekend to compile the “9 Greatest Stadium Sex Moments Of The 21st Century.”

All sports related, of course.

In no particular order so feel free to rank them if that is how you like to roll.

Tampa Bay Rays game – This century

Baseball Game Handjob in the Stands – Watch more Free VideosScrew striking out the side, all this guy can think of is how his girlfriend’s hand is going to town. How do we know this is his girlfriend and not his wife?Would wives really do this for a husband at a baseball game?Formerly Enron Field Sex – 2006

Via former Deadspin honcho Will Leitch

The officer, Jeffrey Olesen, was relieved from duty after a fan found him, his wife and one of his wife’s friends enjoying each other’s company in a Minute Maid Park unisex bathroom. The witness, to his credit, wasn’t just running out to narc on the bad man and his two ladies; he saw the policeman’s gun and thought an assault was taking place.

RFK Stadium – 2006

That ‘I’ve got your stadium dog right here’ game was huge back in ’06.

Camp Randall Stadium (Wisconsin) – 2007

The police officer gives his report.

“They were both pulling up their pants, of what I could observe, and I asked them quite loudly to get out of the stall,” Pehler said in the report. The two were asked to present their football tickets. The male gave over his, but the female could not locate hers while trying to button and zip her pants, which turned out to be inside out.

Digging for gold outside UTEP football stadium – 2008

True, not on stadium property. Take it up with the editors. We just write this garbage.

Ralph Wilson Stadium – 2008

When it just won’t wait until after the Bills game.

It didn’t take security officers long to figure out the cause of what police later called a “public disturbance” in the restroom.

A woman, law enforcement officials said Monday, was having sex with her boyfriend in a bathroom stall.

Qwest Field (Seattle) – 2006

A Thurston County senior deputy prosecutor who was ejected from Qwest Field Sunday after employees said he was having sex in a bathroom told his boss he was just using the facilities.

In a woman’s restroom….with a coworker from his office.

Metrodome Sex – 2008

The granddaddy of them all. Lois Feldman goes to town with another dude while her husband is watching the game.

The 38 year old fan and mother of three attended the game with her husband, who declined an invitation to accompany his wife to the restroom. She set off on her own and the next thing she knew, she was being thrown around by police officers in a handicap stall of the men’s bathroom after engaging in sex with a 26 year old stranger.

Skydome – July, 2008

Being naked with the curtains open isn’t new at the Skydome.

This summer a cameraman caught a naked chick hanging with some fratties, whom we can only assume, were getting a few lap dances between innings.

Now, true, there is no ‘sex’ going on. But, back in ’97 it was a different story.

Bonus Coverage:

Lesbian kissing at Safeco Field – 2008

Sirbrina Guerrero, 23, says she and her partner, who requested anonymity, were just “exchanging pecks,” not acting any differently than heterosexual couples at the game, when park officials told them to stop “making out” or leave the facility.

The problem? As long as they are hot we see no problem with this.