Daily Dump: Jason Whitlock Not Impressed, Create Al Harris Doll, Thanksgiving Pig, Celebrity Booties & A Boston Bartender



Our eyes are still seeing blue after that Boise game. Cassie in blue is decent. 

Sports bloggers are pretty damn lazy. How’s that 4-day weekend treating you guys?

Usually our Saturday Dump is filled with late Friday reports. There is barely a pulse from sports sites. Of course the T&A guys are busy. The entertainment dorks never stop.

The biggest story of the week remains the photo discovery of the Stall-Sex Hero, Ross Walsh. Now we need more of Lois Feldman.

Our researchers are on it.  

Today’s Dump:

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25 hottest celebrity booties [World of Isaac]

225 Demotivational Posters For Your Lazy Ass [Coed]

There will be no coaching of this Boston bartender [Uncoached]

Kitty Lea would make a good chick to take home for holidays [on205th]