The Afternoon Dump: Final Cello Countdown, Bricks On The Head, Allen Iverson Fined, Girl On Girl Wedding, Hasselhoff Likes Young Woman


Purdue Pete is ready for the game. 

9 Purdue vs. 13 Oklahoma.

Game Time: NOW (3:30PM EST)

Location: Madison Square Garden

Channel:  ESPN 2

Other possible worthy games of watching is the Maryland and Gonzaga game. Maryland will be tougher than you probably would imagine.

The Cardinals should have had it last night but Bouldin decided to drop about 20 passes including that fumble in the 4th quarter to pretty much seal the game.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.

Have a good day. 

Afternoon Dump

A awesome cello performance [College Humor]

How many bricks can you take to the head? [Co-Ed Magazine]

Oh NO! Allen Iverson got fined for not going to practice [Salty Milk]

No one’s enthusiasam about lip singing compares to this [Tasty Booze]

A song you don’t tell your friends you like [uncoached]

Three times is a charm [Holy Taco]

This is a very odd wedding, girl on girl [Double Viking]

The reason why the Lions still have a Thanksgiving Day game [Epic Carnival]

Hasselhoff likes younger woman, is that such a bad thing? (ads NSFW) [Drunken Stepfather]

It’s time for Goal of the Day [Machochip]

Sorry for the shortness of this Dump.

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