Daily Dump: Drew Henson Gets Playing Time, Erin Andrews Thanksgiving Clothing, Colt McCoy Should Be Thankful & Devin Harris Likes Laker Girls


The hottest chick to ever serve Thanksgiving meal at Goodwill?

How sad for Detroit.

Things can’t get much worse than having your asses handed to you on national television and in front of a sellout crowd. Management can look on the bright side. The novelty of going 0-16 should bring in some great media coverage.

Just think of all the product placement for the Lions logo.

Worse team: 2003 Detroit Tigers vs. 2008 Detroit Lions?

Today’s Dump:

Hilarious read on Drew Henson making his return to NFL [NFL Fans]

Bloggers thankful for Erin Andrews on Turkey Day [Friends of the Program]

Texas vs. A&M via screenshots [TV Tan Line]

Colt McCoy better be thankful for this in ’08 [Coed]

Turkey’s of 2008: College football [Wizard of Odds]

How to burn off yesterday’s 5,000 calorie gorge-fest [Sporting Blog]

Devin Harris likes landing in Laker Girls area [Sports Crackle Pop]

5 most insane versions of Thanksgiving from around the world [Cracked]

Does John Mayer ever get sick of these women? [CelebSlam]

Bianca the morning after holiday sounds good to us [GorillaMask]

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