6 Sports Figures Who Would Bust A Cap For That Thanksgiving Dinner, Led By Turkey Killer Mark Eaton



How’s that turkey tasting?

You think it just magically froze and made its way to your local grocer? Wake up you tree hugging pussies. That animal had to die from a gun shot wound and there are still men out there who aren’t scared to blast a few caps to provide for their families.

Even if they are millionaire sports figures.

Their children won’t go hungry because these 6 guys will unload some metal on unsuspecting turkeys, bears, deer and grouse.

So pull up a chair and don’t forget to thank these men for doing their part to help control the animal population.

Eat up.

Mark Eaton – NBA, Utah Jazz


Brett Favre

Barry Bonds

Chipper Jones

Bobby Knight – in white

And of course everyone’s favorite animal killer Karl Malone

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