Cheer Up Seattle Seahawks Fan, You Still Have A Teen Cheerleader To Take Your Minds Off Season


Earlier this week we gave the good people of Michigan a young lady to look at and forget all about the horrible economic news facing the state.

Now it is Seattle’s turn.

You’ve suffered through losing an NBA franchise, the UW debacle, the Mariners finding new ways to suck and now the Seahawks.

Luckily for you BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich ran into photos of a 19-year-old Seahawks cheerleader Janell who likes to handle guns while wearing heels and dress in schoolgirl outfits for Halloween.

So be thankful, Seattle fan, at least you have a teen cheerleader to take your minds off losing tech jobs, declining house prices and the fact that the NBA is never returning.

[SeaGals tryouts – Janell dances]

[Model Mayhem – Janell]