8 Models, WAGs, Female Athletes, Cheerleaders and Celebrities To Be Thankful For In 2008


It is that time of year to say ‘thanks’ for all that is good in your life.

Those things to be thankful for include an actual job, your children, a wife that does the dishes and cooks while you watch Kornheiser and Wilbon, a boss that allows you to sneak out early on Friday for $1 top shelf happy hour, an understanding bookie and women that keep you company when your wife hits the sack early.

We’ve tried to do our part. Many of you have become regulars at Busted Coverage for the ladies. The editors, writers and even the gay photo editor are thankful for your patronage.

As we all sit down for white meat, 3 pounds of mashed potatoes and several pieces of pumpkin pie, let’s be thankful for the “8 Models, WAGs, Female Athletes, Cheerleaders and Celebrities That Made 2008 Special.”

As always, we can modify this post with your additions to the list. Send in suggestions on women you’ll be thanking tomorrow.

Cassie Keller – The 18-year-old college student at Central Michigan burst onto the scene and into our hearts this year for her Playboy work and Model Mayhem portfolio.


Marisa Miller – Need a reason for her to be on this list? You were in a coma for all of 2008.


Sarah Brandner – 2008 has been the year of the WAGs. If you are straight, be thankful, schmucks. Sarah, just a highly impressionable teen, was discovered at the Euro 2008 tournament. She started dating some German soccer hero and the country hasn’t been the same since.


Leryn Franco – Has there been a javelin thrower who has parlayed her sport into stardom better than Ms. Franco. We couldn’t name on and that was after a Wikipedia search.


Melissa Baker – This 2008 SI Swimsuit model and Ohio native burst onto the scene with her rookie spread. She is just 21 and has the body and look to possibly make a run at the SI cover. She will be a household name very soon.


Ally Baucom – (Titans cheerleader) It’s tough for a NFL cheerleader to stick out in our minds but Ms. Baucom made an appearance at BC and became a hit. That might be due to that boyfriend she refuses to lose. We’re still hoping our blogging abilities catch her attention.

It’s the Tennesse Titans year and Ms. Baucom is along for the ride.


Megan Fox – All of mankind should be thankful for Megan Fox in 2008. Even women who aspire to have a body like Ms. Fox are giving thanks for this goddess.


Jillian Beyor – This goes back to Spring Break 2008. Ms. Beyor went on Playboy U.’s trips to exotic locales and our dreams have been filled with this red bikini ever since.


That was about all the ladies we’d be figuring into our ‘Thanks’ list prayer for Thanksgiving. The family (dad) should be impressed.

Special Mention:

Beth Fithen – We must honor at least one mom from the year who will be concocting stuffing and green bean casserole. Ms. Fithen is the Playboy model mom of four. She gets credit for having an amazing body, managing a future basketball team and driving a minivan. Thanks, Beth.


Mother Fithen (white)

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