The Afternoon Dump: A Very Hot Thanksgiving, Purple Is The New Color, 21 Megapixles, Vote On The Tourney, 20 Drunk Celebs, Topless Calendars


Purdue is in the top 10 of the AP and also the ESPN.

It is officially Thanksgiving Break at Purdue but I skipped out a little early. I left yesterday at about 4ish. Being at home is a lot different once your at school.

Ball State plays tonight to try and keep their season undefeated, wonder how they will do. They are in the MAC so therefore the teams that are in it are weak. Tonight is one of the hardest games BSU has had to play all year.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

The best way to have Thanksgiving, well the most enjoyable on the eyes [Gunaxin]

Can you figure out the 10 distorted mascots? [Simon on Sports]

Doing a Turk Wendell impersonation could be challenging [Bad Jerseys]

It is all about the purple [Friends of the Program]

No way you will figure out who this girl is [Head of Fred]

Wow, 21 megapixles is just crazy [Co-ed Magazine]

K-Fed is no longer a good influence on young children [Celebslam]

Make sure you vote on this tourney [The Big Picture]

No one can really put a good caption on such a good picture [Double Viking]

Bet you didn’t know how to make a beer bottle explode like this [Tasty Booze]

20 drunk pictures that you never thought you see celebs do, wait yeah you would [uncoached]

Did you know you can get punished and have to listen to music [Holy Taco]

Jessica Biel’s new calendar [Salty Milk]

Topless is the new fad in the calendar world [on 205th]

New battles seem to happen every day [Epic Carnival]

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