Michigan State Fan Will Not Trash Talk Wolverines, Gets Choke Hold From Michigan Fan – In SC



MSU fans couldn’t be happier with Ohio State right now. 

How bad are times for Michigan fan?

They can’t even sit in a Hilton Head, South Carolina bar with their children to watch the Ohio State game without having a Michigan State fan there to harass them.

That was the case inside Callahan’s Sports Bar & Grill Saturday as UM was having its asses handed to them on a scarlet platter.

MSU fan, obviously full of glee over the Wolverines facing a 3-9 season, opened up his dictionary of profanity and unleashed some words that didn’t sit well with UM guy.



MSU fan shows off the proper UM taunting method. 

The Michigan State fan kept yelling foul language at “the top of his lungs” after the Michigan fan asked him not to, witnesses told deputies. The Michigan fan pushed the Michigan State fan and briefly put his hands on the 44-year-old’s neck, the report said.

The Michigan State fan did not press charges but was arrested for shouting profanities from the back seat of a patrol vehicle after being asked to stop, the report said.

Again, this is all going down in South Carolina.

But there is even more greatness to this report. The same day, in a taxi shared by two guys at 2:45 a.m. we get this classic nugget.

A 25-year-old Penn State fan said he was slapped in the face several times by a “big guy” who claimed Georgia is better.

The two strangers were sharing a taxi on Palmetto Bay Road at 2:45 a.m. Sunday, according to the report.

[Michigan State fan cheers for Ohio State, ends up arrested]