The Afternoon Dump: Boiler Up!, Puppet Terrorist, 3D football, Jessica Alba Wannabes, The New Real Life: Playstation 3, Bianca Is Hot, Carolina Needs To Wipe

An era at Purdue is now over.

Coach Joe Tiller ran out onto the field Saturday for the last time. He left his career with a big win with our biggest rivals (Indiana University) 62-10. Wasn’t really a game to watch but fans stayed to watch Joe coach his last game and to thank him. At the end of the game there was a ceremony/presentation thanking Tiller for his amazing job at Purdue.

Joe Tiller Statistics:

  • Record: 87-62
  • Coached 12 years at Purdue
  • Took the Boilers to 10 Bowl Games

Thanks Joe Tiller for your awesome work at Purdue.

Boiler Up!

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