Ain’t No Party Like A Bradley University 40 Oz. Beer Bash Loaded With Athletes, Held By Cross Country Team


Photo of all-white cross country team via Bradley; King Cobra via Google Search. 

There is this tradition at Bradley University where a bunch of white kids get together and pound 40 oz. beers, act like black street thugs and go against everything their rich parents taught them.

The tradition is actually called “40s Week.”

Smooth, eh?

Well, this year the police were ready to bust some underage 40-drinkin’ Econ majors.

But, as the Peoria Journal is reporting, the house that was raided just happened to include dozens of Bradley University athletes.

Certain unnamed members of the Bradley tennis team were in the 40-house. 

Cross country athletes allegedly host the week, and seven of nine on the men’s cross country team, as well as nine of 16 on the women’s cross country team, were given tickets.

We’ve actually been to college cross country parties. These white kids know how to throw down the booze. Our venture into their madness included a Hairy Buffalo all-you-can-eat, a keg and beer bongs.

The assumption here is that these athletes will burn off these calories just walking to class so drink up.

The PJ story continues…

Early Sunday, squad cars parked in the right eastbound lane of Main Street, blocking in dozens of cars that filled the parking lot of a vacant gas station located next door to the home. Police were at the house for several hours writing tickets to students, many of whom were reportedly drinking 40-ounce malt liquor bottles, beer and shots of alcohol.

So how will these students be punished? It’s up to the coaches.

According to the student-athlete handbook, those found to be in violation of these guidelines will be subject to penalties imposed by the head coach or director of athletics in addition to penalties outlined in the student handbook.

Extra laps for the cross country guys? Like they’re scared.

[BU Athletes Ticketed At Party]

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