2008 Ohio State Mirror Lake Swim Nice, Nothing Compared To 2007 Nudity


Update: You’ll need a Yahoo account to see the nudes at Flickr but most of you guys are veterans of the Internet so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Enjoy this Sunday morning.

2007 Mirror Lake Boob Action!

We’ve spent a better part of 8 hours looking over shots from the 2008 Ohio State Mirror Lake swim tradition and must say that nothing this year can compare to what took place (nudity) in 2007.

That’s what boobs do to us males.

They bust loose, we pay attention.

OSU students have this tradition on the Thursday night before the Michigan game of jumping in some goose infested on-campus cesspool to soak in the freezing water. The (thousands of) men come with cameras, while the women just hope to take part without becoming Internet legends.

25 comments from fans and we reveal the location of the nudies. Otherwise you’ll have to just stand for our censored versions.

How bad do you want it, Bucks fan?




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