Ohio State Tempe12 Model Jen Seems Fun, Hot

Update: This post originally ran back in the summer but deserves to come out of the archives for today’s action in Columbus. See, OSU and UM women can get along.

Jen and Michigan Tempe12 rep show friendship is possible between enemies

We’re closing in on the start to the college football season. 50 days away. That also marks a time when our friend David Freedman at Tempe12 reveals his 2008-2009 calendar full of college chicks willing to be stared at.

Today we profile the Ohio State representative, Jen Maul, who is that perfect blend of student and bikini model. Actually, we could really care less about that student part.

Something tells us you feel the same way.

Today you’ll see several shots of Jen (in two-piece lingerie) partying at the Playboy mansion and other candids from a party life we used to know.

Enjoy the show.