Daily Dump: Ohio State Bikini Handstands, Song Girl Rides Bull, Erin Andrews And Facebook, OSU Tat & No Leis For Irish



It’s a little too cold in Ohio today for handstands on The Oval. 

Walked into the grocery store this morning to the sweet sound of ‘Don’t Give A Damn For The Whole State Of Michigan.’

It’s not one of those chain stores where it’s Journey’s greatest hits playing over the sound system. After DGADFTWSOM the jam disc went to ‘Hang On Sloopy.’ If they opened a bar at that grocery it would be packed – on Saturdays.

For those who aren’t from either Ohio or Michigan, today is a holiday for white people who mostly work in factories. They stock up on whiskey, rum and bean dip and get ready for a Noon kickoff.

We’ll be hitting on a half-gallon of Dead Guy Ale and manning the controls of this joint.

Still looking for comments on the Mirror Lake Swim post. No boobs until 25 comments are posted.

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