The Afternoon Dump: Little Girls Love American Idol, 35 Game Streak Snapped, No Email for 30 Days, Girls Do Like Showers, Cheerleaders Get Real Serious


LIFE has been holding out on us, that is one awesome game

The best food invention: cheese in the middle of hot dogs. I am currently obsessed with the

Very surprised Ball State won. They still have one more school to go up against. At least these teams actually are good compared to the rest of the teams Ball State has played.

Purdue plays Indiana on Saturday, yeah its two days away but I am still excited as should you.


Have a good day guys.

Afternoon Dump

These girls will never forget this day, I mean after all, it is floating on the net [Holy Taco]

Fordham finally broke their 35 game losing streak [Steady Burn]

Of course there are quarterbacks in the chef world [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Could you manage not having your email on your phone for 30 days? [Tasty Booze]

Top 10 hot chicks, well top 10 stupidest hot chicks [Co-Ed Magazine]

She just likes to get in the shower, nothing wrong with that [on 205th]

20 store signs that are just really creative [uncoached]

It is pretty weird when you don’t have a belly button [Celebslam]

Isn’t Tony Romo a good guy? [Salty Milk]

Better watch your teeth next time [Brahsome]

She makes the holidays seem so much nicer [Bright Black Internet]

The girl on the very left should be number 1 [TV Tan Line]

It’s the final four of the “Would you do . . .” tourney [The Big Picture]

Didn’t realize cheerleading was this hardcore [Epic Carnival]

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