More Evidence Of Crude Behavior From LSU Fans, Saban Effigy Hangs From Tree At Tailgate


Fashioning a noose is now a crime in Louisiana.

The students at the LSU Reveille, the school newspaper, have released a disturbing video of the activities before the Tigers-Alabama game earlier this month.

A member of the newspaper dressed in an Alabama shirt with the idea of getting a feeling for what it’s like to enter enemy territory in Baton Rouge. What the faux reporter found is quite disturbing unless you like your women calling female fans ‘bitches.’

And if calling women cunts is your thing, then you just might be a male fan of LSU.

But possibly the most disturbing scene from this video is of a Nick Saban effigy, with what looks like a noose, hanging at the tailgate. That is a crime in Louisiana, as one LSU fan recently found out.

More from the Daily Reveille report:

…the amount of times we were spit on also struck a nerve.
Spitting on someone is one of the most degrading things a human being can do to another.
Verbal abuse is powerful, but when things get physical, that’s a little more effective.

The most significant physical encounters were from male Tiger fans. And they all involved some kind of inappropriate gestures. We were groped and squeezed by just about every guy we interviewed.

LSU fans have been some of our favorites for their ability to party, but 2008 has been more about being angry than having a good time.

Watch the video and see how you feel.

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