Daily Dump: Erin Andrews In Semis Of Would You Tourney, Paula Creamer Chats Up Blogger, Beckham Chats Up Boss’s Daughter, Cheerleader Drives Men Nuts & Paris Hilton Back On Market



Translating Hungarian FHM can be an all day affair.

Ball State took another step towards a perfect season last night and begs the question, “Would my team beat Ball State?”

Notre Dame




Washington State

South Carolina



We could go on and on. All of those teams are ranked behind the Cardinals or not at all. BC feels confident Scrotum State could go 5-3 against those schools. That should tell you something about your football program.

Today’s Dump:

Erin Andrews vs. former Pats cheerleader in Would You tourney [The Big Picture]

Paula Creamer gives blogger interview of a lifetime [Rizzo Sports]

Beckham chats up 22-year-old boss’s daughter at Lakers game [Dirty Tackle]

More of the cheerleader that drives Denver Nuggets announcers crazy [Fan IQ]

This Cowboys cheerleader drives us nuts [Uncoached]

Blogger not buying Phil Savage email story [Midwest Sports]

Joe Maddon sportsmen of the year? Does he play? [Bugs and Cranks]

Chargers blogger cringes, Norv coming back for another season [Rumors and Rants]

Pole dancing in the Olympics? It could happen [Tasty Booze]

The Hoff is way too excited about this girl’s talent [Machochip]

Brad Pitt’s penis diary [Holy Taco]

World’s former fattest kid still cries for food [YepYep]

Today’s Tail:

Playmates tell what not to do on job interview [Spike]

Mirella has some well lubed skin [GorillaMask]

Ursula stands little chance avoiding our advances [Coed]

Same goes for Megan Fox [on205th]

Yep, Paris Hilton back on market for real love [CelebSlam]

Hungarian FHM has never looked better [CamelTap]

Joanna just another hot chick living the life (NSFW Ads) [Dirty Rotten]

Jessica Biel filmed a nude scene? [Don Chavez]

Ashley Dupre talks about life as a who-ur [Derober]

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