Erin Andrews Media Blitz Continues, Tells NC Radio About Need For Bodyguards

Last night at UNC, Erin went with this sweater.We cried. [Photo Credit]

For several days there was very little Erin Andrews news.

She way laying low, covering Thursday night college football, going about her life and then BAM, EA is suddenly everywhere.

Chatting with the Dan Patrick Show, Sporting News and even a random ESPN affiliate out of North Carolina where she mentioned the need for bodyguards at football games.

We’ll cut to the chase and save you the time of listening to this guy ramble on.

EA says something about her time in Virginia Tech. Not wanting to come off as a snob for not giving out autographs on the sidelines. She has a job to do. Sorry no time for photos. Let me work.

So she actually had bodyguards at the Va. Tech game.

When we find comments like this from bloggers, it’s probably even time for restraining orders.

I would crawl hand and knees over charred glass to sniff Erin Andrews’ ass through a screen door.

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