The Afternoon Dump: Cowboys Are Done For, Unity of Jack Daniels, Hot Girls Getting On Other Girls, Dr. Pepper Will Be Free, Dogs Survive Everything, Truly Unwanted


No one can get sick of Megan Fox

So I ordered a pizza last night at about 12AM. I went downstairs and picked it up then came back upstairs. After I sit down I realize that the pizza wasn’t even cut. Yeah, they forgot to cut the pizza so I called them back and they had to come back out here just to cut my pizza. Can’t say I know anyone else that has that happened to them.

That was a good MNF game last night. Good Job Brady but you need to watch throwing the ball really high to no one but the defense when you are about to get sacked.

Have a good day guys.

Afternoon Dump

The perfect stuff to add to your “I hate the Cowboys” collection [The Sports Point]

A sneak peak at some hot girls posing in a calender [The World of Isaac]

Jack Daniels seems to make two people come closer [Sports Crackle Pop]

Bet you didn’t see this one coming in Rocky V [Bad Jerseys]

The Gotham Girls are on top, such winners [Steady Burn]

The new version of porn is here, video games for teens [Camel Tap]

10 moments you wish you were a part of [uncoached]

I think Purdue Pete should be on these power rankings [SI on Campus]

Oh yea, four to six weeks for a free Dr. Pepper [Co-Ed Magazine]

You knew she was the true Saved By The Bell hottie [Tasty Booze]

The economy is going downhill when this happens [Celebslam]

Wow this guy is careless but this dog is a trooper [Holy Taco]

Remember when she was on 24? Bet you forgot [Salty Milk]

The true way to know you are unwanted [Bright Black Internet]

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