Erin Andrews IS NOT, She Repeats, IS NOT Going Hollywood


Every thing is fine, sports geeks.

Erin Andrews isn’t going anywhere, especially to Hollywood.

The Sporting News, via an ad placement for EA Sports, snagged an interview with EA in which she talks about her spot within the sports industry.

There has been much discussion amongst grown men whether this 30-year-old woman would break their hearts and make the jump to L.A.

Rest easy, horny men.

CL: I read the SportsBusiness Daily interview where you briefly mentioned a career in entertainment as opposed to sports and you’re a fan of TMZ. What would be the perfect role for you to switch to entertainment reporting?

EA: I don’t want to switch. The one part of that article that they didn’t put in there was I said I want to read TMZ and People when I want to get away from sports because I read about sports 24/7. So then it was this whole thing on the internet. “Oh my god, Erin Andrews going to Hollywood!” And it was like, “No, that’s not what I said.” I’m honestly one of the biggest tomboys there is and I love sports.

There you have it.

EA clears the air and we go back to tracking her every move. It’s a win-win situation.

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