Daily Dump: Anna Kournikova On Balls, If Sports Blogs Were Chicks, Lavin Going With New 'Do, Ladies Of Nickelodeon, Swedish Party Girls & Some Miranda Kerr



Of course we voted for Ms. Keibler in the Hottest Athlete competition.

What a game last night.
Brady Quinn makes the gay community proud by getting his first win in the NFL.  Again, we barely watched a down due to Kornheiser. This has to be his final season behind the mic. The nightmare has to end. Jaws could stand to be pasteurized as well.
Just a heads up.
We are just a few weeks away from the 2008 Sports Blog Tournament to determine the Blogger of the Year. We’ll be bracketing the top 64 blogs via BallHype rankings (just like last year) so now is the time to boost your standing so you don’t have to face Traina in the first round.
Today’s Dump:
If sports blogs were chicks [The Sports Dollar]
Anna Kournikova sprawled out on balls [Don Chavez]
Flip cup taught at an early age to Arizona St. youngsters [MacGsWorld]
Steve Lavin changes up the hair for 08-09 [Rumors and Rants]
This week’s Top 15 college football teams via famous alum [Uncoached]
Hmm, this is strange – Rich Rod doesn’t have attitude to beat OSU [College OTR]
The smallest [email protected] in porn – Don Dolmes [Tasty Booze]
Diddy gets sheet all over his new bowling shoes [YepYep]
Jon is the quickest man in the world (in his pants) [Banned In Hollywood]
You have to see this faceplant [Next Round]
Classic moments in freak outs [Boosh]
If TV shows had truthful titles [Holy Taco] 
Today’s Tail: 
Ladies of Nickleodeon are all grown up [Angry T]
Swedish party girls who’ll do it on IKEA sofas [Coed]
We’re really taken with this Miranda Kerr chick [Beer Goggler]
Sammy Brady continues to show off boobs [on205th]
Our favorite WWE Diva went to the beach [CelebSlam]
Audrina Partridge hooker look nearly complete (NSFW Ads) [Dirty Rotten]
Kelly Brook does some Portuguese magazine [Camel Tap]
Half Asian is the perfect mixing of ethnicities [Horny Oyster]
Mariah Carey ass continues scary growth [Celebridiot]
What exactly is inside The Giant Ass’ bikini top [Derober]

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