Busted Coverage Investigation: The USC Song Girl Who Cheered For Texas Back In The News

Maybe she really was secretly a Texas fan.

Just when you think a 2-year-old controversy over the USC Song Girl cheering at the most inopportune time is history, football fans go and dig up the past.

The Natalie Nelson traitor incident got back into mainstream news this week when Scott Wolfe at the Daily News took a question about a photo we discovered of Ms. Nelson wearing a UT jersey for Halloween.

The photos of Ms. Nelson in her jersey are from 2006. Nearly two months later she would forever be remembered as the chick who forgot who her rooting interest. We stand corrected. These pics were shot 10 months later and reflect even more strangeness from Ms. Nelson.

From the Wolfe Q&A in case you don’t like clicking on links:

Q: Natalie Nelson, the daughter of the USC Song Girls coach, earned global fame when a picture showed her cheering for Texas in the 2006 BCS Championship game. Now another picture has shown up of her actually wearing a Texas uniform!

Does she have some kind of identity crises going on and is this a trend with her?

A: What about the song girl wearing a UCLA jersey?

Very smart detour by Wolfe. That is true, the chick in the Bruins jersey was a Song Girl.

But the real story here is the legend of Natalie Nelson, who went on to later marry NFLer Ryan Kalil.

This should serve as a lesson to the 2009 Song Girls that, ironically, were supposed to be announced yesterday.

Never….ever….take photos of yourself in any jersey of a team you might be facing in the BCS Championship. Grab a Syracuse shirt. Then you’ll have no worries.