The Afternoon Dump: Brett Favre Is Smart, Lindsay Is A Newb, Pacers Brawl, Hot SEC Girls, 2010 Mustang Worth It, Shaq Is Mad, Hayden Is No Woman


These three cuties lined up from shortest to taller.

Back at Purdue now. Had a good trip (although we lost). After watching Curtis Painter play on Saturday I think he should start against Indiana, Siller didn’t do good whatsoever. IU is our biggest rivalry.

What is this? Did I see the Colts get a 100+ yard rushing game? Oh yeah I did.

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Have a good day guys.

Afternoon Dump

Brett Favre sure does have some good insight [SimonOnSports]

Diana wants to work in sports [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Quick recap of week 11 of NFL [Bright Black Internet]

Lindsay Lohan protester throws flour all of her [Celebslam]

Your doing it wrong, don’t think you are good [Co-ed Magazine]

Back when the Pacers were okay to watch, dumb brawl [uncoached]

These SEC girls know how to get down and dirty [Poon of the SEC]

The smallest one in the Porn industry, its a story [Tasty Booze]

Is the 2010 Mustang worth an extra 1 thousand? [Salty Milk]

This is everyone’s response to this question, well maybe (Could be NSFW) [Brahsome]

Shaq is just angry that his prime is over [Epic Carnival]

This was one remarkable catch, hmmm [Mr. Irrelevant]

Did you ever wonder why Ronald McDonald always smiles? (Could be NSFW) [Holy Taco]

Hayden has gas [Banned In Hollywood]

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