Paul Quinn College's 7-Footer Carl Nelson Working On "Spliff Smoking Burnout" Hair Style


Trust us when we say this guy Carl Nelson fell into our lap.

While wasting another Sunday evening plugging away to make this the sports blogosphere’s indisputable most useless blog, we came across photos of Baylor basketball in action this weekend.

Yeah, exciting. It sure beats other activities like, say, sex. Way overrated.

And then it struck us. There was a wholly mammoth playing for the opposing team – Paul Quinn College.

Of course the photographer, not sensing his great luck, failed to focus on this beastly 7-footer Nelson. Not even a mention of his name in the cutline or tags.

This is where we pounce – purely by chance and zoom photo editing.

This beast can actually ball.

He once had 6 points against UNLV while playing for UT-Corpus Christi. For some reason (citing academics) he transferred this season to Paul Quinn College, an NAIA juggernaut where he’ll match up with such programs as Langston University and the always dominant College of the Southwest.

Somewhere Adam Morrison is totally jealous of Nelson.


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