Boise State + Idaho Fans Tailgating = A Throwdown


Added: Nov. 16, 2008

Premise of Video: It’s the Hatfields vs. the McCoys in Idaho. In one camp you have the University of Idaho students who have a short man’s complex. Suck at all sports. Can’t beat Boise. So why not fight them. It’s on at this weekend’s tailgate.

Climax of video: The first minute is the best. Watch for guy in red hat throwing some haymakers and don’t miss his quick burst of commentary. Once the fight goes under the big top there isn’t much to see here.

Conclusion: Any time you mix dueling in-state rivals with copious amounts of whiskey, Red Bull & vodka with a splash of tequila – there is going to be action. And for some reason there always has to be some screaming chick in the middle of things.

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