The Original Florida State Cowgirls – Where Are They Now?


CJ Perry left Florida State and has become a successful model.

All eyes in the college football world will be on Tallahassee tomorrow as ESPN GameDay comes to town for the first time in forever.

The punchline to this joke is that the WWL isn’t there to see the Seminoles.

It’s Florida A&M day.

That’s right, FSU is being shunned in its own city for a black college with a 7-3 record. We smell an Obama twist coming in here somewhere.

Since you will not be seeing the infamous FSU Cowgirls in the front row, showing off to Corso & Co., BC figured we’d give you guys a consolation prize.

“Florida State Cowgirls -Where Are They Now?’


CJ with Jenn Sterger

CJ Perry: Model

In college I started break dancing and fell in love with the true and real hip hop culture. Currently on tour with Keri Hilson. I have also work with T.I, Rich Boy, Akon, Bow Wow and Paula Deanda. I love modeling and acting and take my career very seriously. I am very passionate about my work and I am easy to work with!

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Jessica Fuqua – Shops for a living

A brief look at her MySpace page tells us Jessica left Florida for New York City. Other than that, we’re perplexed.

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Allison Torres – Bartender

Ms. Torres left sunny Florida for dirty New Jersey. That’s ok. Now she is able to get into Manhattan for Fleet Week and taunt the soldiers with her body.

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Jenn Sterger – Entertainer, NY Jets

You already knew what she is up to.



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