Michael Vick Still Huge In Dogfighting Community, Jersey Found At Crime Scene


Michael Vick isn’t just a legend to football fans.

He’s also huge in the dogfighting community even almost two years after being found to be running his own operation.

Philly police made a drug arrest this week that led to a huge pit bull fighting ring that was being run in some typical fixer upper.

The guy arrested for this Vick-like activity is named John Taliaferro and he has 18 prior arrests on his record. That isn’t the story here. The real news is what the cops found in Taliaferro’s bedroom, reports Fox 29.

They also discovered a Michael Vick football jersey in the owner’s bedroom. You may remember Atlanta Falcons star quarterback Michael Vick was jailed on dog fighting related charges 18 months ago.

There you have it. Fox News bringing you news fair, balanced and just what you need to know.

The guy is obviously guilty since any house that has dog treadmills, pit bulls, Obama signs and a Vick jersey is a sure sign of criminal activity.

Dude is toast.

[Pitbull Fighting Bust Uncovers Michael Vick Jersey]

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