Busted Coverage Investigation: The 2008-2009 Hottest NHL Ice Dancers


Say hello to the NHL’s hottest ice dancer, Laurie, from Dallas.

We’ve been as guilty as any when it comes to equal coverage of professional cheerleaders.

It’s always about football cheerleaders while there are other sports out there where the women shake it for a living. Take the NHL for example.

Did you realize that there are plenty of hot women in the league who skate around the ice and dance on a frozen surface?

These ladies understand that hockey fans (men) need something to keep their interest between periods and during TV timeouts.

That led us to the Busted Coverage “2008-2009 Hottest NHL Ice Dancers,” list, an investigation into women who aren’t afraid to drop the gloves.



Timilyn: Dallas


Lauren: Carolina

We could only find a single photo of this chick (c’mon, Hurricanes, get your act together) but her bio caused our jaws to drop. She was named an alternate to the women’s national baseball team. BASEBALL.

And she’s blond. We’re in love.


Sam B.: Boston

No bio information and we could care less. She skates and wears those pants well.


Fasha: Boston

Maybe a little thick but this team needs an enforcer who isn’t afraid to scrap when needed.


Sage: NY Islanders

In true Long Island fashion most of the women working for the Islanders look a little to worn out. Kinda like a Jersey look going on. Sage caught our attention with the cleavage. We’re suckers for that kind of thing.


The entire team: Florida Panthers

This is the holy grail of ice dancers. It’s South Florida and women who go to the beach every single day. No tan lines here. Desi looks pretty desirable.


Candace: Atlanta

Because Atlanta needed a representative.


Laura: Anaheim

She wants to be a teacher. How sweet.


Ashley: Chicago


Cole: L.A. Kings

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